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January 31, 2017

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The Extreme Chefs

January 31, 2017

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The Extreme Chefs

Hi, I'm Chris. I'm the co-founder of The Extreme Chefs, along with my fellow co-founder Jen and a few others friends. So, since the "About Us" covers the basics of the business, now, I guess I'll start with sharing a bit more about how we got to even have a business to write an "About Us" about. 


I was raised in Boston, Massachusetts and Jen was raised between Malibu, California, as well as London, England. So, you could say when we met in Telluride, Colorado it was an EXTREME, East meets West, partnership from the very beginning. Both growing up near port cities we were exposed to extremes from a pretty early age. So, when we met, it was pretty obvious from the start that we were extremely different people with extremely different exposures, but with an extremely common goal:


We both wanted to change the way the world in as extremely positive a way as possible.


When we initially met we talked a lot about what necessities we could affect the most change through. Air? Water? ...Food?




For a long time I’d been beyond frustrated at the food industry. Most restaurants offer the same divisions on their menu (appetizers, entrees and desserts of some kind), the same protein/veg/carbs (chicken, steak, fish/medley, salad, and solo/potato, rice or bread) in similar combos, as well, plus get all of their products from the same several international food purveyors...


There was an EXTREME lack of options! 


Going out to eat should be extremely good quality, affordable, and fun, not something bad quality, expensive, and boring. My favorite restaurants are the restaurants that, when I open the menu, I almost feel a twinge of fear hit me: none of my favorite entrees are on the menu! What am I going to order? What am I going to order that I can be confident I’ll enjoy?


And then the fear turns into excitement as I realize this is an opportunity to have more quality affordable fun; ideally EXTREMELY quality affordable fun.


I mean, if I wanted to eat the same three meals every day of my life why have any senses at all? 


So, we began our journey down the road to see how we could bring more extreme quality affordable fun to the food industry and the rest of the globe.


As we were trying to figure out our menus, style, and general offerings I thought back to the first time I had found extreme quality affordable fun: 


When I began extreme snowboarding was when I truly realized the power of quality affordable fun.


For so much of my life, I had ridden the same crappy costly chairlifts up and then taken the same boring runs back down. Some days would be different from others, as the snow conditions are always changing, but I began to know exactly where every tree and rock was like it was on the back of my hand. My world of wonder was slowly closing in on me as the ski-boundaries felt like they were more and more confined every day I went out.


So, I began venturing deeper into the common place.


Delving into the side runs, trees, and backcountry. My mind simply exploded with wonder. Sure, people had given zones and regions and couloirs names, names that would help them remember their location and a form of reference. But these were extremely different from the places in the resort because the quality, affordability, and fun factors were up to me. I had to prepare, explore, and navigate my way through what could sometimes be a labyrinth of corridors through the rocks. If I didn't bring the right items, took a wrong turn, or explored too heavily I would become cliffed-out, forced to hike back up, or build an anchor and rappel down a steep cliff.


Whatever happened was an extreme new adventure every time and the extreme preparation, as well as extreme reward of it all was the most exciting thing I could ever imagine.


The common became exciting and new, again! 


So, our goal, with The Extreme Chefs is to bring this extreme quality affordable fun healthily, satisfyingly, and productively to the world; to bring a bit of extreme, even if it's moderation, to something that for most people has become common place: eating.


Whatever your eating routine we have the skills, tips, and tricks to help you break out of your rut to truly enjoy even this most basic moment of existence.


Most of us eat some kind of food every day and we usually have our favorite meals. Most of my friends, as well as myself, do have those good ole reliable options that we return to whenever we are feeling lost or want a bit of familiarity and want to know what to expect. Damn the quality, affordability, or fun factors. This is even true when we go to an event, festival or gala - it's the same ole same ol and who is going to want to waste their time with doing what they've already done all the time? Everyone has something like that. What everyone doesn't have is the willingness to step into the unknown, try something new, and possibly scary - to truly LIVE their lives.