Special Events


Let us make your special occasion, event, or celebration that much more special with a delectable, exquisite, and unique take on any dish of your choosing. Whether you want Italian or French, from the sea or from the ranch, or all of the above with exotic fusion we will take the stress away and make the moment one to remember for you and your guest(s). Choose this option for a more elaborate affair.

Tailored Cheffing


We can offer a personal private chef experience in your home for family every day, during a hectic week, or even just for one relaxing night off. If you need it, we can do it. Choose this #treatyourself option if you're looking for a more casual, delicious, and satisfying meal to simply help out or make your usually routine part of a life truly worth living; it'll feel, look, and taste like a 5-star quality restaurant just quietly opened up in the comfort of your kitchen or location of your choosing and then silently disappeared (but not before cleaning all of your dishes).

Pop-up Station


It could be an expansive wine and cheese display (with or without fun cricket popcorn kind of pairings) at your next gala, or it could be a mac and cheese bar at your wedding. It could be a taco stand at your next big party and crêpes on the patio. Choose this options for a quick and easy way to add that extra pop of something to your next event.